Sunday, September 27, 2015
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Allah Bayar Cash Di Dunia!! 2 Foto: Padah rogol gadis cantik dalam lif di Flora Damansara, Lihat apa yang terjadi kepada Negro itu amat mengerikan sekali!

Allah Bayar Cash Di Dunia!!

Gambar: Padah rogol gadis cantik dalam lif di Flora Damansara, Lihat Apa Yang Terjadi Kepada Gadis Dan Negro Itu Amat Mengejutkan Sekali! Wanita Sila Take note.. Hati2! Viralkan~~~

Baca lanjut di bawah:-

PETALING JAYA — A Nigerian student died shortly after he was beaten by residents of Flora Damansara apartments for attempting to rape a resident on Wednesday.

Petaling Jaya police chief ACP Azmi Abu Kassim said the suspect died at the Mutiara Damansara police station an hour after a policemen took him into custody.

“We received a call from the security manager of the apartment who informed us of the incident.

“When police arrived at 8.20pm, the suspect was surrounded by 20 to 30 people and his hands were tied,” he said.

The policemen were told the suspect had attempted to rape a woman inside a lift.

“The victim put up a fight and screamed for help as the lift door opened and several men who were in the area caught the suspect.”

The suspect was then taken to the police station at 8.45pm.

“He was fine and he even walked into the station accompanied by policemen.”

The victim, accompanied by a man, also went to the police station and filed a report.

“The victim identified the suspect as the man who attacked her,” he said.

While waiting to be put in a holding cell, the suspect was handcuffed and lying on the floor.

“However, we found him unconscious when one of the officers checked on him. A medical officer examined the suspect and pronounced him dead,” he said.

Azmi said the suspect had injuries on the right side of his head, and had scratch marks on his legs and hands.

“We are waiting for a post mortem report.”


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